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20081223 p.s.

After I posted, I remembered that I had originally described the other blogger, in vague terms designed not to identify her but to indicate that I had not made her up.  I commented that she was from Texas and that she had one hell of a good plastic surgeon, and at the end of my post thanked her for voting.  A Democrat from Texas is worth noting because of the rarity of the occurrence, and I sincerely compliment her on her choice of surgeon because she doesn't look Joan Rivers, she looks great.  Either surgery or she has a portrait in her attic that really looks awful.  And with the traditional low turn-out in voters, it is great to read about the work she did stumping for her beliefs.  I didn't think I needed to explain any of that, but I should have known better. The point of her post was that she made a difference; the point of my comment was that she was not the only one who worked hard to get someone elected and that a whole group of those others had been insulted or spurned or denigrated by the winner's choice of a raging homophobe to deliver the invocation.


First post on the new site.  I came across a post on the old site that gushed poetic about the election of Barack Obama and the author's good work in stumping for her candidate.  I have been reading a lot about the inauguration and the number of gay people appointed (or not) to the incoming administration.  I thought that it needed a little leavening, so I left a comment (paraphrased because the original was wiped by the old blog moderator):

"PresElect Obama has chosen a 'pastor' named Rick Warren (who was a very vocal supporter of the Proposition 8 'amendment' to the California constitution which stripped gays of the court-ordered right to marry) to be part of his inauguration.  This choice has really insulted a lot of the liberal and gay supporters who helped get Mr. Obama elected.  He has justified his choice by saying that he is a uniter, not a divider, and that, even though he doesn't agree with everything Rick Warren has to say, it is somehow, magically, not an endorsement by Obama to have Rick Warren officiate at this inauguration.    By that reasoning, PresElect is saying that he would be honoured to have the KKK David Duke, Himmler and Hitler,  and George Wallace on the dais with him.  After all, they don't agree on everything but they can still be friends.  So, Liberals' and gays' high hopes aside, Obama appears to be the same old same old in a new (darker) colour, and gays are still the lowest life-form in the country.  President Elect Obama:  "Thanks for getting me elected, suckers"."

This post got me thrown out of the old blog community for violating their terms of service, so here I am.   As I don't consider this post to be:  "verbal abuse, bigotry, hatred, harassment, threats, lewdness, offensiveness, obscenity, illegality, spamming, commercial messages, mass messages, or even that which is simply deemed antisocial, without value to the discussion, off-topic, irrelevant, or duplicative",  I am unclear as to how it violated said terms, but they write the rules, so there we have it.   Rick Warren can equate same-sex marriage to paedophilia, bestiality and incest, but my saying that Obama is not the golden boy that the original poster thinks is not allowed.  Go figure.


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