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2010 11 09 - Better late than never

It is raining. It is cold. I am cold and wet. And grumpy. Gary is cold and wet. And grumpy. I have had a virus/cold since Labour Day. Ditto Gary. Our possessions are cold and wet. The truck is cold and wet. We have no place to sleep that is not also cold and wet. Therefore, we have decided to throw the stuff into the truck and get on the road to Tucson, where we will put it all in a storage unit and sort it out there. We should be there before the 1st of December. It is not raining in Tucson, and it is unlikely to rain like it is here. We will sort out enough to live on for a couple of months and head to Zamora, where it is warm and dry. And Christmas, but that is a problem of a different colour. Once we have thawed, we will return to Tucson and deal with actually getting the rest of the house moved to Zamora. We think this is a much more sensible plan than trying to fight the rain here, even though it is going to use up money that we don't really have. Too bad we didn't get to this point a year or two ago, eh?


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