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2011 09 08

Cat news!  Bruce and Muttney have reached detente!  Shadow and Bruce have reached detente!  Shadow would rather that Muttney cease to exist but occasionally forgets to try to hiss him to death.  If this is to be the usual state of affairs, some of us are going to be really unhappy.

Last Friday was Cele's birthday - 28! - and we were unable to host a dinner for her because of compromising events.  The cleaning lady comes Tuesdays and Fridays, so the house was sparkling.   She taught me how to make mole this time as well as cleaning.  Tuesday night the kids came over to celebrate her day:  Cele, her husband Fernando, Saint Paul and Miguel.  I made a herbed pork roast in my pressure cooker and risotto with shrimp and tomato.  Desert was peaches warmed in butter, vanilla and brown sugar and sprinkled with cinnamon and cream.  Gary cobbled together a big enough table, draped it and made it all look pretty.  Everyone had a good time and ate lots of food and laughed a lot.  We are still washing up.  I wonder where I was on my 28th birthday...

Speaking of birthdays and dates with which to mark the passage of time ...  Gary and I will have been together for 10 years December 4th.  Bruce is 14 or 15, Shadow is 12, Muttney is 7.  We are in the usual state of health, Gary is fine and my knee is being a pain.  We are discussing how and when to go back north to get the truck across the border and have a couple of ideas that seem to make sense.  What we actually end up doing is anybody's guess.  Muttney has decided that his bed is the bathroom sink, which he fills completely and inconveniently.

We are going to look at hand-made wooden furniture this afternoon.  And that is all the excitement we have for this post.  It is rather nice to be retired - Tuesday was the most stress we've had in two weeks.



2011 09 02

We went out for supper the other night with Saint Paul, a new-to-us restaurant near downtown.  I'm fine but the G-man has the usual symptoms of food-borne illness.  Unlike the cats, boyfriends don't give any warning before they vomit on your feet.  Speaking of cats, hissing and spitting are no longer at fever pitch, but detente has not yet been reached.

Now where did I get to ...

Trip Two to the border

Our Intrepid Travellers left the Nogales motel with mostly functioning air-conditioning and in relative calm.  They reached the border crossing, and did the routine with American Customs, then paid the toll to drive to and arrive at Mexican Customs.  This is actually when the lack of import sticker screwed things up.  So, he paid the toll to drive to and arrive at the American border, where he did the routine with the bike and the door and the cat and the door and the bike  and the cat (in that order) and then crossed back to the US side.  Much conversation with yours truly ensued, and we decided that returning to the scene of the actual crime would maybe possibly in some way be better easier smoother or at least cooler than continuing to muck about in Nogales.

Trip Three to the border at Agua Prieta

After much searching the previous night, G had located a lot of paper proving that the vehicle to which the sticker had been attached was no longer in Mexico, and was in fact no longer his.  (California had impounded it for various reasons.)  This, to our minds, should smooth the cancellation of the previous sticker and the issuance of the new.  Somewhere along the 114 miles from Nogales to Douglas, the pump and or the clutch on the air-conditioning ceased functioning.  What else is new?  The border crossing did not involve American Customs (I don't know why the same at Nogales did involve the US agents) so he proceeded to Banjercito with his papers to discover that yes, it looks like this will be sufficient to cancel the sticker.  So, you need to send it with these forms to Ciudad Mexico and in three months you will get confirmation that the sticker has been cancelled.  At no time in this conversation did G get the impression that a little cash under the table would smooth the process.  We are intrinsically honest and don't really know enough Spanish to offer a bribe nor to read the signals requesting one in the first place, so this whole Corrupt Mexico thing seems to be mierda del toro to us.  Therefore, our Intrepid Traveller gathers his papers,  reaches the American border, goes through the routine with unloading the bicycle etc. and re-enters Douglas irritated and not relishing the prospect of spending more time baking in the autumn desert heat spending money we can't really afford on food and motels.  More conversations with yours truly and we have a plan.

Precis:  I have an appointment in Oakland to see the quack, and will return to Guadalajara on August 26th.  Gary can find a place to store the truck, get himself and the cat on a flight to meet me, and then we will bus home together.  All, of course, does not go as planned.  I get to Guadalajara and discover that G&M will not be flying because the airline doesn't like the carrier.  He gets a new carriers, gets on the flight the next day and we catch a ride home with The Doctors, all as previously described.  I think.  I write this shite and then promptly forget it, so if this is news, let me know and I will tell you alllll about it.

So we are back home.  He found a place to keep the truck safe for a small fee each month, so we are not unduly worried about The Bloody Possessions.  We are without the things that I have been missing, but we are home safely and in (relatively) good health.  The cat thing will sort itself out.  The plan for trying the border one more time will come together when it comes together, and we will (or he will) fly/ride/float back to the US and re-attempt the penetration of Mexico.  As usual, I think that whatever we have planned will change before we return to Zamora, but hopefully our household goods will return to Zamora with us next time, whatever the changes to the plan may entail.

I'm exhausted just thinking about all this shite.



2011 09 01

Does anyone have an opinion on how irritating it would be to have ads on these pages?  After some threshold, I would get paid.  Real money.  It is tempting.  Opine away, please.


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