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2010 12 02

We are, unfortunately, still in California. Sigh. I wanted to share my newest Joy of Cooking Out-of-doors recipe with you:

Sloppy Joes al mapache

Scrumble fry a bunch of hamburger with some onions and spices. In the outdoors, in the cold, on a camp stove. Chop some carrots whilst the meat is browning, in the absence of cutting board cutting your thumb at the same time. Find cans of tomato paste and prepare to borrow a can of beans from the landlord. Stir meat. Look for can opener. Stir meat. Whilst locating can opener, discover that el mapache who lives under the truck has been at the closed and locked-down bin with the bread in, and has powdered the buns you were going to use as the Joes under the Sloppy. OK, no bread. Stir meat, add carrots. Fail to borrow a can of beans because you've failed to locate the can opener. OK, no tomato paste, no beans. Stir meat, add chicken bullion and water. Serve hamburger soup with Melba toast, pepper to taste.

Don't I love Nature? - living in the wilds and cooking over the campfire. In the cold, the rain, the wind and the fucking mapaches. I had a mapache-fur coat once upon a time, when it was more socially acceptable to wear animal skins. I think I may soon get another - or at least the beginnings of one.

Hint: Spanish nomenclature


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