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Susan Boyle

I am disgusted with all of you. Susan Boyle is a perfectly ordinary-looking woman nearing fifty, a little overweight and with the colouring of someone who lives in a colder climate and maybe hasn't taken a lot of interest in her appearance. The fact that she can sing seems to astound. Why? Dame Joan Sutherland was no beauty, but no-one denies her ability to carry a tune. Your idea that only "beautiful" people can have talent is ridiculous - Maria Callas was considered if not beautiful at least interesting-looking and was one of the worst singers in opera, lousy technique and shrill high notes. Your idea of beauty is skewed and screwed - anorexic females with plastic tits and vacuous expressions and no discernable talent are more beautiful than someone like Emma Thompson who can make you believe in whatever character she is portraying? You'd rather watch Jessica Simpson simper than Glenda Jackson tear up the screen as Queen Elizabeth I? So, because Susan Boyle hasn't plucked her eyebrows you call her ugly and assume that she should be hiding herself from public view - and compound your shallow stupidity by assuming that her looks have anything to do with her talent. You want to see ugly? Look in the mirror. I'm ashamed of all of you.


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