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2009 03 24

Well, here I am, sitting around my palatial accommodations, basking in the warmth of a beautiful cloud-free day, eating grapes and wondering how I am possibly going to spend the vast amounts of free time at my disposal. Then I wake up and discover that I'm really in Northern California freezing my ass off. I talked to the boss in Mexico (gracias, jefe), and Gary and I are going to drive back together, hopefully before mid-April. There is a lot to do to finish packing and sorting the moving truck, and it makes sense for us to travel back together - my Spanish is a lot better than his, which doesn't say much but would mean that we need to call bilingual friends a lot less. Besides, I'll have a road-trip about which to blog! I have to go back to sleep now.


2009 03 02

Well, here I am in rainy cold rainy grey rainy cold Northern California. I want to go home to Mexico! I go to see the quack today, to try to sort my meds and find some way to live with the drugs I need to take in order to live. Assuming the boat will float down the freeway ... LOL. Wish me luck. Please.


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